Quantum Optics Theory
at The University of Sydney

Welcome to the website of the Quantum Optics Theory Group at The University Sydney! As our name suggests, we are a quantum optics theory group working at The University of Sydney in the School of Physics. The group is led by Sahand Mahmoodian who is an Australian Research Council Future Fellow.

Our research is chiefly focused on understanding quantum many-body phenomena in quantum optical systems. These systems can be used to create new quantum states of light which can be useful for quantum technologies.

We are currently looking for two PhD students to join our group! (more info)

Our group develops and uses theoretical and numerical methods to understand and exploit quantum optics systems composed of many atoms. We work closely with experimental groups around the world to realise new quantum states of light, and new quantum many-body physics with photons. We are interested in answering fundamental physics questions in quantum optics and using our understanding in this area to help build new quantum technologies. For more information see our Research page

Our group is located at The University of Sydney, Australia’s oldest University. It has a beautiful campus and is located in one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

We are part of the larger Quantum-Theory group in the School of Physics.


June 2023

Justin Yu submits his third-year BSc project! Congratulations Justin!

June 2023

Our paper on modelling atomic ensembles using an improved mean-field theory has been published in SciPost Physics. This was in collaboration with Prof. Klemens Hammerer's group in Hannover and Prof. Rauschenbeutel's group in Berlin. You can view the paper here.

March 2023

Our Nature Physics paper has been highlighted by Newsweek, The Canberra Times, Phys.org, and COSMOS.

March 2023

Paper with Prof. Warburton's group in Basel published in Nature Physics! You can read it here.

February 2023

Justin Yu commences his third-year BSc project!

December 2022

Noe Demazure commences his Master's project!

November 2022

Collaboration led by Sahand is awarded $50k seed funding to classify time series using tensor networks!

1 October 2022

Yuktee Gupta commences her PhD project!

1 July 2022

Haoyuan (Jacky) Luo starts his PhD project!

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